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Doo Wop Memories (very rare) added on 2/26/2011.
Alan Freed (added on 2/26/2011
Bill Haley (added on 2/25/2011
Oldie's Corner (updated on 2/21/2011)
Classic Doo Wop (added on 2/20/11
Dale Hawkins (added on 2/25/1`1
Hit Parade added on 2/20/11

The Moonglows(updated Febuary 21,2011)
Dale Hawkins (added on 2/24/11
Dangerous Doo Wop added on 1/11/11.
Here is a Mixed Bag of Doo Wop and More (added on 1/9/11
Ray Charles (updated on 1 /4 /11
The Platters(added on 13/27/10)
Rare Black Doo Wop (added on 12/27/10)
Doo Wop and Oldie's Christmas Tunes (updated 12/06/10

*Bo Diddley* -Updated 1/1/11
Kiddie Sounds -The Young Doo Wop Groups updated on 12/24/10 over 530 songs
The Chess Years (updated on 12/24/10
The Cadillac's (added on 11/09/10)
Forever Doo Wop (added on 11/9/10)
Joel Whitburn's 1955 Pop Selections (added on 11/9/10
Chuck Willis added on 11/2/2010!
Golden Oldie's From Yesterday added on 11/1/10
Mr. Maestro's Golden Oldie's (added on 11/1/10
Buddy Holly -Hollybilly Recordings (added on 10/14/10
White Doo Wop Groups (added on 10/14/10)
Vee Jay Doo Wop
Doo Wop Memories added on 10/13/10
Belladiva Album - Classic Rock Series & Roll -(1956)(1957)added on 10/14/10
The Del Vikings including some Really Rare Outtake's and Audition Tapes. Added on 10/14/10
Buddy Holly (added on 10/11/10)
Heavy On Doo Wop (added on 10/9/10
Rare Doo Wop Ballads (added on 10/09/10)
More Great Doo Wop (added on 10/8/10
A Time to Remember. Added on 10/7/10

The Everly Brothers (added on 10/4/10
Rockabilly (added on 10/7/10
Louis Prima and Keeley Smith, added on 9/11/10
Nothing but Doo Wop Tears! updated July 17, 2010)

DooTone DooWop Updated July 19, 2010
Teenage Prayers! updated July 18, 2010)

Percy Sledge added 7/19/10

The Johnny Otis Show

Elvis at his Best (updated July 14, 2010)
Paul Anka (updated July 14, 2010)
Fats Domino
School Days Doo Wop
MoreDoo Wop
Rare Doo Wop
Chuck Berry (updated 7/23/10)

Jim's Picks
Jim Taylor's What is a Fire Fighter?
Little Richard
Ritchie Valens
Pat Boone
Super RARE Doo Wop
Doo Wop For Angels
Doo Wop Tears
Spotlight on Ember Records
Dopey Doo Wops
Group Harmony
Halloween Doo Wop
Mickey and Sylvia
Here is a large collection of Mixed Rare Songs Updated July 15, 2010
Slow Doo Wop For Dancing. Hug your honey!
Doo Wop Animals
Bobby Darin
Come to the Doo Wop Party!
Novelty Songs from the past!
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