"The One I Love," Joey and Rodge with the Crystelles. We recorded it about 1958 on the Tabby label.
Attached is a photo of the Crystelles (I'm lower left) from about the time of the record and a pic of the 45.
We had a bang-up New Year's Eve show at Wolfeboro, NH "First Night." We had 2 shows sold out plus- about 250 in each- at the Players Theater there. Also attached is a photo from that show (I'm middle).
I'm one of the singers in the group the Crystelles.
It was a pleasant surprise to hear it again after all these years. BTW, we did a superior version of Danny & the Juniors' "Sometimes" (B side of at The Hop) back then- never made it commercial- still doing it today.
55 years later I'm recreating this sound again with my group- The Bel Airs.
We're New England's premier doo wop vocal quintet. You can catch some of our current music at:
You'll recognize all of our tunes done as close as possible as the originals.
I'm the lead singer on "Come Go With Me. I did a record hop with the Del Vikings in AmbridgePAabout 1956. This is our Website!:
Our Facbook Link and our direct e-mail is:BelAirs@usa.....
Information bout this great group was provided by Dick Kruppa of the Crystelles and The Bel Airs.

The One I Love," Joey and Rodge with the Crystelles, recorded in about 1958 on the Tabby label

The Bel Airs
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